about olivia

Image description: a picture of a young white woman is framed on a wooden table. She has chin-length brown hair, medium bangs, and is wearing a white t-shirt. She is smiling and looking into the camera. There is a vase of red flowers beside the picture.

I’m a sick independent scholar specializing in all things disability. I like to quilt, make films, take photos, and basically pick up any hobby that best suits my future projects.

I am the director of two documentaries: Handler is crazy, a grant funded documentary about a cosplaying service dog team, and disabled!, a 3D animated journey through the worlds of disability and fanfiction.

I completed a Masters degree in English Literature at McGill University. My Masters research focused on disability representation in fanfiction and has since been published in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. I will be starting a PhD this coming fall at the University of British Columbia.